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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Fuli Culi blew my brains out.

FLCL. Seriously, what is up with this cartoon.

Someone throw me a bone here.

I've only seen one episode, so perhaps I'm not entitled to judge this thing, but seriously just listen to my synopsis:

There's a young school boy and older highschool girl standing on a bridge. In the distance there's this hovering dome that's spewing out some strange white gas. This older girl is totally hitting on the younger kid, who has no idea how to handle this, and out of nowhere this freakish purple-headed girl (who doesn't know either of them) rides up on a moped screaming hurling an electric guitar that is cranked like a chainsaw. She smashes this guitar onto the boys head which then develops into this protruding banana shaped bump which later then spawns two robots which fight to the death . . .

You think I'm a acid junkie now don't you. You can't make this stuff up.

I suppose I need a little more exposure. Just one more hit won't hurt. I won't get addicted . . .really.


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