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Friday, January 14, 2005

Grave of Fireflies

Well, this semester is off to a busy start. This only foreshadows how hellacious things are going to get when the tests start falling. But the beat goes on du-du-dum da-dum da-da. (Pardon my Slim Shadiness).

So we watched Grave of Fireflies in Anime class. I thought it was an excellently put together movie. It's visual style looked old-school anime. (Their eyes weren't exploding out of their heads.) And the level of detail (like most animes) was amazing. I personally don't know how the animators had the perseverence to do this. I would think it's much easier to have endurance when you're animating uber-bad Mecha or bodacious bouncy broads, but this feature length film didn't have any.

It was also the first movie I've seen that depicted a Japanese perspective on the war. And it wasn't an outright lash of revenge towards the U.S. either. It was a simple story of a boy and his sister. The U.S. remained faceless actually, in order to emphasize the story of the orphaned protagonist and his sister. It was a very involving story.

But as good as a it was at keeping my attention, I felt like it was nothing more than just a sad story of a boy and his sister. In other words, there was nothing too profound about it. Yeah, there was a war and people suffered. This is one story of that. Perhaps that's all they were going for.

Either way 4/5 stars.


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