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Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Hey there loyal blog readers (Yes all one of you), sorry for the lack of updates. It's been cu-razy to say the least. But onto the anime!

Ok, so my friend and I walked into the Gaming lab the other day and wet our pants. Wow. This place was paradise. There's like 8 X-boxes, that many Gamecubes, PS2's and the most gorgeous HD-TV. I wanted to make love to it all. So we chilled out there and played some Halo 2, and during this gaming session a Prof. Carbaner. . . Carbere. . .the Mario looking professor walks in with a mother and her prospective son. He goes about explaining how this room is used for students to "evaluate" new games and study "user interface interactions." Hardi-har-har. Well, on my end at least, that doesn't hold true. :)

So I decided to start a new anime series for a couple of reasons. For one, I'm in this class. Another reason is I have a Prof who's daughter is really interested in the whole "anime" thing, but their family is pretty conservative, so I'd imagine mom and pop would say no to most anime available. So I'm in search of a good quality anime that won't corrupt a 13 year old girl. Easier said than done.

I think I've found one that might work. I've seen the first two episodes of Escaflowne via X-Box streaming video, and besides some violence it's pretty clean. In fact, this might be perfect for a 13 year old girl, cause that's what I felt like while watching this. It's really a girly premise. Little high-school girl with everyday problems like most h.s. girls (athletics, school, boys) gets transported into this fantasy world of of princes and princesses. But like I said, there is violence (involving giant non-feminine bad-a robots) so that was fun to watch.

I'm watching this series through with a good friend of mine who happens to be of the female type, so I'll probably stick it through. It's great fun walking into the lab as it is with her, cause all the nerd. . . I mean all the guys in there kind are taken aback a bit.

More conventions pictures to be posted soon!


  • At 12:07 PM, Blogger Kessie said…

    Escaflowne is a good series to watch. You should also try to watch Fruits Basket as well. I know they don't have it on the X-box thingy but Ram's got it somewhere in his files I think, either that or I've got it.


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