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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Girls and Guns

Well, I'm currently on episode 13 of Escaflowne, and I'd say that it's been really good so far. To my amazement, by co-watcher is probably more intrigued by it than me. She predicted a certain plot twist that I didn't see coming at all and was like, "Duh! It was SO obvious." But to my defense, the plot twist had to do with a character being the secret father of another character, and seriously what guy keeps up with that? If James Bond had to keep tabs on all his kids, he'd have a nervous breakdown.


So anyway, in Anime class we watched You're Under Arrest and Gun Smith Cats. They were both very enjoyable and very similar in formula. You've got two cute gun-slinging, butt kicking, chicks. Where they differed was location. You're Under Arrest takes place obviously in Japan, and Gun Smith Cats is clearly Chicago. What amazes me is the level of accuracy in the depiction of American cities, vehicles, and guns. And oh man! Those guns! The firefights in Gun Smith Cats give typical Hollywood action flicks a run for their money. The guns' details are true to real life and the sound effects sound legit. It makes the shooting of a cartoon character seem real. Very fun to watch.

I am gladly put under your arrest.

You're Under Arrest was also very cool and cute. This one was a lot more tame and light hearted. Excellent animation, especially with the chase scenes.

And y'know. This combination of cute girls and guns really works. And as we all know, when Asians notice a winning formula. . .

There was Bruce Lee, then Bruce Le, then Bruce Li, then. . .

Maybe this is the equivalent to Hollywood's black guy meets white guy cop/action movies:

Thanks to Maddox for this image. Click on pic for a funny article.

Either way, it works. We also saw a live action version of You're Under Arrest. That and my short viewing of Sailor Moon live-action makes me say this. . .Japanese have gotten animation down great! Keep up the great work.

Alright, those convention pictures are coming soon. I promise.


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