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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

GTO: Great TV (Soap) Opera

In my last blog, I ragged a bit about the quality of Japanese live action TV. . .or lack of. BUT (huge "but"), Japan used to be renowned for it's cinema back in the 1950's. Anyone seen "Seven Samurai"? Great lil' three hour flick.

My opinion of modern Jap-TV was tainted due to the horrific Sailor Moon live action. I mean, Power Rangers does a more convincing job of creating monsters and suspense. And Sailor Moon's cat was a freaking stuffed animal that was wiggled when talking and then a craperriffic CG model ( that looks straight out of a local car dealership commercial) the next.

BUT (giant "but" here), I've just recently discovered the live action version of GTO, and I have to admit, I'm hooked. It may be a tad bit cornball initially, but the acting and plot sucks you right in. The lead guy is really entertaining and funny and just plain cool. His love interest is also a good actress & is a cutey. She actually starred in "The Ringu", which is the Japanese movie that spawned the popular horror flick "the Ring." Little trivia for you buffs out there. It might win you some cash on Jeopardy! some day. Or make you look like a nerd. One or the other.

"Want a little extra credit, baby?"

So I give GTO Live a thumbs up. Sailor Moon Live I give a thumbs up my rectum.


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