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Friday, March 18, 2005

Spiritual Experience

Spring Break has been the ultimate lazy holiday for me. Not until today did I crack open my Cal III book, and it took some SERIOUS willpower (that and the impending test next week.)

Notice: The following two paragraphs are only backstory. The anime rant follows them.

This past week my lil' bro and lil' sis hit up Block Buster Video, and we burned the usual 40 minutes being indecisive and making fun of fellow shoppers. I complain about shemales wasting time looking at footwear, but when I'm at the video store, I'm even worst. So my brother and I finally took the incentive and picked out Predator and Ultimate Fighting Championship VI. Leave it to the boys to make the decisions, eh? I can't help but wonder what the register must think of my poor mom every time she checks out video games and movies for my brother and me. So right before we were fixing to leave (which is around the same time my mother makes death threats), I felt a bit bad for my little sister and made a quick look around once more. To my delight, I ran into the anime section! But to my dismay, my mother was next in the check-out line of irritable entertainment gluttons, and I was clear across the store; I had to think fast.

"One ugly, meow meow, f*cker"

I scanned the aisle and my sensors detected Miyazaki's renowned Spirited Away. I seized the target just as reinforcements arrived. Luckily, it was a scout, my brother, who still has the know-how of traversing swiftly through this terrain. I admit I'm getting rusty in this department. I handed it off, and told him to go. He looked a bit perplexed with my decision. Truth is, he didn't approve of this mission, but both he and I knew we were short of time. Sweat beads covered my forehead as the fluorescent lights pierced my vision. He disappeared into the aisle jungle, and all I could to was pray. Only after the rendevous and debrief would I know if the drop off was successful. And then Predator came out of the woman's restroom with a diaper on.

That presentation we had on Miyazaki really pricked my curiosity. That clip from Spirited Away only made me want to see it even more. I finally watched it through, and boy o' boy, was it something.

Usually, when I watch anime, I'm real stifler with the visuals. If I see recycled animation sequences and static background characters, I can't help but gag. This movie, however, is one of the most visually astounding animes I've ever seen. The level of detail (that's actually animated) is flippin' amazing. I watched it through 2 times, and could go for another round. There's SO much going on in each scene. During my second viewing, I noticed a freaking cockroach in one quick 5 second scene. The roach serves no purpose to the plot, but it sheer appearance implies so much about the quality of work. And the humanoid characters move around so realistically. The physics are phenominal. Take for instance the ending when Chihiro and Haku seperate. When there's a zoom in of their hands slowly parting, there's a subtle, quick, but appropriate bob as soon as they lose contact. The forces they had on each other's arms are instantaneously seperated, and they react accordingly. Newton would have been proud. Ooooh, and watching the liquids/plasmas in this are a real visual feast as well!

It's also a very engrossing film regardless of what it looks like. (Shallow? Me?) Like Alice in Wonderland, it pricks the mind with curiousity. The first time through my brother and sister and I kept enuciating "WTF". It's creativety is really unpredictable. I even got my mom to watch this, and she usually can't stomach anime at all. I've tried to get her to watch, but it just doens't work. This movie however totally intrigued her. And No-Face is teh l33t! My siblings and I loved his character to death. We now use his lines to communicate.

"Eh eh" means "yes" or "do you want?"
"Ih ih" means "no"
"Ehhhh*sigh*. . ." means "never mind."

Works great around the house!

So anyway, if you haven't seen this film, you oughtta. It says much about life: be courageous, don't pollute, try new daring things, don't be greedy, love above all, and don't eat let your parents eat spirit food 'cause they'll turn into pigs. Serious life lessons here.

I want the DVD now!


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