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Saturday, April 30, 2005


Wow, I can't believe this is it. It's been a fun ride. I've laughed (FL CL) , I've cried (Grave of Fireflies) , and I've thrown up (Saikano).

I'm very glad that I signed up for this class. It's given me an opportunity to watch anime, and that's something that doesn't happen on its own in my life. Before this class, the only way I got to watching anime was through friends. However, I may now pursue it on my own every now and then.

I've decided to compile a list of things I need to do as a result of this class. Here they are:

Number 1: Finish my anime flash

This class has inspired me to not only watch, but to create. I've begun working on a flash animation that is anime inspired. I've made some in the past, and they've done relatively well on www.newgrounds.com. For anyone interested, look up Megaman vs. Quickman.

Here's a screen shot of my work in progress:


Making this flash cartoon is a pretty grueling process, as I'm drawing, scanning, coloring, shading and animating everything. I haven't even thought about the backdrops (yeesh!). If anyone likes making backdrops, please let me know!

Number 2: Watch all of Samurai Champloo

Can you get more krunk than this?

As I've mentioned before, this class has really shown me that I have distinct tastes in my anime viewings. Champloo totally rocked me and I'll definately pursue the rest of the series. That Cowboy Bebop director Shinichiro Watanabe has done it again.

A friend of mine also gave me a ton of Bleach episodes, so perchance I'll see that as well.

Number 3: Watch Princess Mononoke

Ride that Jack-o-lope!

Of all the presentation that I got to see, I really enjoyed the one over director Miyazaki. I thought it was interesting to hear about the studios and directors involved in creating anime. It led me to view Spirited Away, which is now I piece of cinema that I want to own. . .well legally anyway.

Kudos to the classmate of that presentation.

Number 4: Buy some a Socom airsoft gun and some special tatics gear

Cosplay Fetish

Well, besides all the positives things this class has done for me, there have also been negatives. I now have a few skeletons in my closet because of certain extra credit opportunities.

But y'know. I can't say I didn't have fun at the Anime convention. My fellow fanboy buddy, Ram, and I totally wanted to hit up another convention after Ushicon. And that's when my brain started flowing with costume ideas. I even went to far as to look up what kind of weapon and gear Solid Snake uses in Metal Gear Solid. Yes, I know this is sick, depraved, and evil, but DANG IT, it's fun.

And along with the end of this class will be the end of this blog. I've really enjoyed writing entrees, and perhaps I'll keep up a more general blog on my own. (Yet again, something that has come out of this class.)

So my thanks to the readers of this blog (all 2 of you) and to Dr. K for putting together this class.
--El Cid

Friday, April 22, 2005

The Visual Arts

So I was wandering around the Pixar website, like I occasionally do, and I found some exciting bit of news. Apparently, they now (FINALLY) have an internship program for college students. And get this, they don't require any sort of serious experience with 3d software. They like the traditional arts and story telling! Whodathunkit?!

This made me excited, because I have minimal experience with Maya, but would consider myself above a novice in the drawing arts and my childish imagination is always coming up with odd querky stories. So what I'm inferring here, is that I may actually have a shot at landing one of these. Maybe. . .

Unfortunately, this summer I'm going to Maastrich, so it's out of the picture for now.

I bring this up, because both Pixar and much of anime have something I admire. Visual excellence. You can't deny that the Japanese work sufficiently harder with their visuals than typical American animators do. Even the low grade anime will have their characters shaded and be relativly proportional. Even the folds in clothing are drawn and animated. The backdrops are nicely painted canvases. The typical saturday morning cartoon now-a-days, uses cheap animation techniques, such as always showing one perspective of their characters. (Fairly Odd Parents, anyone?) Or there is little emphasis on animation and way too much talk.

But like I said, not all American animation is bad. Take Sponge Bob Square Pants. I mean, sure he's an annoying flaming sponge, but the cartoon's animation isn't bad. It looks like they are putting some thought into animating his face. And yes, I think he's funny.

But to quote straight from the horses mouth about turning in a demo reel:

"Take the time to polish. It seems silly, but people get in such a rush to get the reel out the door, they lose sight of the big picture. THIS IS HOW YOU WILL GET A JOB."

Art takes time. Words of Pixar wisdom.

Monday, April 11, 2005


Wow, it's been too long since I've posted something, but unfortunately, I don't have much anime to talk about.

I guess what this class has shown me about me, is that although I really appreciate and love to watch anime, it's not something that my inner most soul is sold out 100% to. This past week, I haven't made an effort to watch any anime, and I suppose this is a little revealing.

This class has also shown me that I have some distinct tastes anime-wise. I was looking forward actually, to experiencing the whole spectrum of anime out of sheer curiousity. But this curiosity has mutated into disgust. There's just some anime that I'd pick having my balls kicked over.

But this very fact, I believe, isn't a knock against anime. The very fact that I love some anime and despise other says alot about how extensive anime is. Anime is so large, so diverse, and so catered demographically, that every audience is included.

There's something for everyone:

Perhaps my lack of anime enthusiasm may also be that the subconscious student in me is treating watching anime as homework. Perhaps certain things lose their lustor when they are required. Makes me wonder if stud horses really love their job.

Ah what am I say'n! Listen to me . . . of course making a living doing it with the finest of your species would be grand!

Oh . . . and anime is cool too.